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What is dream a bit bigger darling?

dream a bit bigger darling (dbbd) is a plastic sculpture interactive piece that involves several hundred feet of flagging tape, a square of chicken wire, an Arduino Yun, a microphone sensor and a few yards of Adafruit LED’s. The whole thing feels a bit like a cross between the chandelier from the Phantom of the Opera and a large jellyfish. ┬áThe lights are set on a constant rotation of two colors; when the structure is touched it adds a new color to the rotation. Then it begins to cycle between color two and three.


The structure is meant to be hung with the participants on the ground underneath it. The strands of flagging tape are mapped in the formation of a wave with this segment being only the corner portion of the wave. Strand size is between 1 and 6 feet on the completed structure.

dbbd premiered earlier this year at the interactive art exhibition Rules and Play as a part of the Lexington gallery hop and a larger version of the installation is set to appear at Rules and Play in 2016.

Wait how does any of this work

dbbd responds to touch. Behind all of flagging tape is a base structure made out of chicken wire fencing. Attached to this chicken wire is a microphone sensor. Whenever the structure is touched, the rustling from the strands against each other as well as the vibrations of the metal alert the sensor. The system is currently set up to receive power both from a 5V DC adapter and a pack of rechargeable batteries.


not even my final form

The version of dbbd that was shown at Rules and Play is not the final proposed version of the exhibition. The full version will be the size of about a queen sized bed hanging from a series of posts above a futon mattress. Since the exhibition is meant to be viewed and used from underneath it makes the most amount of sense to make it large enough to rest under comfortably as well as to have a real presence in whatever space that it is in.


So where am I in the process of completing the structure? Currently I have all of the pieces for the completed structure, including design, about 60 more rolls of flagging tape and the chicken wire fence to make the whole thing. Mattress and posts would need to be purchased, but have already been designed and are ready for implementation.

dbdb2 RNP2

For ease of transportation, dbbd is designed to be broken down into several pieces. The version that is currently in use is one of those pieces. Completed segments are then zip tied together to create the full proposed look. Since the depth of the pieces is actually created by flagging tape they all lay flat.

For showing in a convention hall, the structure would need to be tented with a fitted cloth slipcover. I already have the plans in place to make the cloth slipcover for the gallery event next year.

Have any questions about dbbd that aren’t answered here? Be sure to email me at

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